The Napa Valley Opera House Venues

First Floor:  Blue Note Napa

Blue Note Napa is a live music jazz club/gourmet restaurant venue occupying the first floor of the historic Napa Valley Opera House. The Blue Note Napa seamlessly blends the quintessential Greenwich Village jazz club experience – an intimate atmosphere where the stage is so close to you that you feel as if the performers are playing in your very own living room – mixed with the Northern California wine country ambiance and the historic architecture of the ninetieth century Napa Valley Opera House. Dining at Blue Note Napa is an experience to delight all the senses.

The Blue Note Napa delivers the finest entertainment experience in Napa Valley. You will find yourself immersed in an environment specifically designed to delight all the senses. The concept is grounded in what we refer to as the “Four Creative Pillars,”:

World-class live music
Gourmet farm to table cuisine
Spectacular local wines
Exciting art
All blended within the unique Blue Note atmosphere. The Blue Note Napa experience is one of complete creative immersion.

Second Floor:  JaM Cellars Ballroom at the Margrit Mondavi Theatre

Named for the esteemed Margrit Mondavi, the Theatre has welcomed to our Main Stage performances by bands, symphonies and choirs, theatrical and singing performances, notable speakers and filmmakers. 

The Margrit Mondavi Theatre is outfitted with AV and lighting equipment and dressing rooms.    

Stage:  20′ x 10′   2′ High
Room:  45′ x 35′   12′ Ceiling

The JaM Cellars Ballroom floor can seat up to 380, can accommodate 700 standing or be use for weddings, reunions, dances, fundraisers, meetings and workshops.   

Both floors offer a variety of uses for any size crowd.  Beautifully renovated and restored, the Napa Valley Opera House is the perfect location for your next performance.    

To book the Second Floor, Contact us.  





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