Don GiovanniPocket Opera: Don Giovanni

Sunday, March 3, 2pm

Advance tickets - $39: adult; $36: senior; $15: youth under 18 ($3 increase on day of show)


Napa residents – lock up your women! Mozart’s “Don Juan” will stop at nothing to seduce an attractive female—and he’s coming to Napa in March!
Pocket Opera’s unique March 3rd performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni translates Mozart’s classic work into relatable English, and also marks Pocket Opera’s triumphant return to Napa after a 20-month absence. 
“The Napa Valley Opera House is acoustically magnificent,” says Artistic Director Donald Pippin, “We have always loved performing here, and have greatly missed Napa’s audiences. We are delighted that the stars aligned this year, allowing us to return to this beloved space and reunite with old friends.” 
The opera stars Samuel Rabinowitz as the irrepressible count, with Pocket Opera stalwart Marcelle Dronkers as Dona Anna, on whom he has his eyes set. Richard Mix plays the vengeful Commendatore, with Molly Mahone as Zerlina, Mark Kratz as Don Ottavio, Cliff Romig as Leporello, Elliot Franks as Donna Elvira, and Jordan Eldredge as Masetto.
Pocket Opera presents professional performances of operatic works in intimate, intelligible productions at affordable prices. Pippin’s nationally recognized English translations of classic operas have complete fidelity with the composer’s original intentions – allowing audiences to experience the loss, love and laughter of these great works without intermediary.
Don Giovanni launches Pocket Opera’s 36th season, and two additional operas arrive in Napa later this spring: Offenbach’s Orpheus of the Underworld on April 21st, and Otto Nicolai’s reimagining of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor on July 21st. 

Pocket Opera presents professional performances of operatic works in intimate, intelligible productions at affordable prices.

Donald Pippin's approach to opera is to tell the story in the clearest manner possible. He once said that there is "a whole category of operas where, if you don't know the story on the way to the theatre, you won't know it on the way home, either." With Pocket Opera presentations it is really possible to know the plot of the opera on the way home. Pippin brings the story to life via his nationally recognized English versions of opera libretti, in which he translates the spirit of the work rather than word by word, with complete fidelity to the composer's musical intentions.

For some operas, Pippin provides a personal spoken introduction to the opera or its individual acts and scenes that offers a setting for and some explanation of the story. For others his English version of the libretto carries the entire story and drama; no narrative or introduction is needed.

Pocket Opera is a theatre of the mind and of the heart. Productions are staged with minimal costuming and without sets, using only the few practical props (a bench, a desk, a door, ...) that are essential to convey the story. A few operas, for which staging would add little or nothing to the interpretation of the story, are performed concert style. Through the use of Pippin's singable translations and narration, through accomplished vocalists and small chamber orchestra, Pocket Opera presents the essence of opera -- affordable, accessible opera of the highest musicality for contemporary audiences.

The Handel repertory is Pippin's one concession to original languages. In his words, "The arias are set pieces with no action, just generalized feelings of love, jealousy, and revenge. English doesn't enhance anything and it takes away musically. All the drama lies in the recitatives." These he dispenses with and substitutes his own narrative between Handel's arias and ensembles, sung in their original Italian.

Pocket Opera performances are accompanied by the Pocket Philharmonic, a chamber orchestra of eight to fifteen musicians, led by Donald Pippin from the piano.       

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