Cafe Theatre Comedy: Kat Simmons

Featuring Dave Mencarelli, opener
Hosted by Rhonda Lucile Hicks of Red Dragonfly Productions
Clean language, adult material - appropriate for age 16 and over
Tuesday, November 13, 7:30pm   
$15 - General Admission
Kat Simmons is a 25 veteran of the international comedy club circuit. You may have seen her at The Improvs, Catch A Rising Star,  the Comedy Channel, Fox’s Comedy Tonight, or on Candid Camera.  She is currently a regular cast member of the national comedy hit, The Three Blonde Moms.  She is also a recurring guest on the blog talk radio show called Thrive Teachers, helping people lighten up with her segment, Laugh It Off With Kat Simmons.  She won the eWomen Network's international talent contest in Dallas in 2009. 
Kat has a unique talent for combining physical comedy with real life situations that everyone can relate to. She has been favorably compared to the masters of the craft, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Red Skelton. She is one of a few physical comediennes working today. You may recognize yourself in some of her material as she honestly shares with the audience as though they were all long time friends.  She delights in bringing to the stage the very things most people keep a secret.  She speaks the truth, making it easier for the rest of us to be honest with ourselves. More...
About Dave Mencarelli:
Dave Mencarelli’s quirky wit, low self esteem, and mild narcissism are the perfect recipe for laughter.  He’ll take you on a trip to his family’s home in Arkansas where graduating from the sixth grade is considered an accomplishment .  He’ll tell you about his mom and dad’s unconventional parenting techniques along with his own “adventures” raising kids.  He’ll also amuse you with some of things that get under his skin, from political correctness to job applicants and even breast enhancement surgery.  His decidedly twisted view of the world will keep you laughing even while you’re wondering how often he sees his shrink.  He’s been called acerbic, smart, and of average height.  One thing is for sure…  he’s bald. More...